Women Hooked Up To Milking Machine – Are Women (Females) Milking Machine?

Women Hooked Up To Milking Machine – Are Women Milking Machine?

To some, Women are Milking Machine because Breast feeding women often pump their milk and this  allows them have milk on hand when they may not be available.

Are women milking machine?  The picture below is that of an unbuttoned woman, breastfeeding her baby.  Well let me use this opportunity and review the book – Unbuttoned: Women Open Up About the Pleasures, Pains, and Politics of Breastfeeding. The book is a collection of essays where 25 writers shared their personal experiences in breastfeeding.    The books tells the story of how Heidi Raykeil, the author.  The book is about how nursing her daughter for three and a half years helped her become whole again after the loss of her first born.

In Motherhood Made a liar out of me, Daryn Eller shared the felling left out as the mother of an adopted, bottle-fed daughter and when asked in the playground if her child is weaned, she always answers yes. This is indeed interesting and a must read for all mothers.

The book consists of five essays and a poem full of passages detailing excruciating experiences like this one, from novelist Julia Glass: “My darling baby was mauling me. He was getting the milk he needed . . . but he was clamping onto my breast like a toothless piranha on steroids.” She was indeed a milking machine just like any other women.

The 25 contributors, mothers bombarded by the slogan “breast is best,” describe the pressure to nurse their baby with breat milk and their feelings of shame if it doesn’t work out.

Dana Sullivan, recalls a friend saying, “My babies have never had that poison,” when she sees Sullivan preparing a bottle of formula. Another mother shares a more humorous experience: While breastfeeding on an airplane, San Francisco writer Leslie Crawford accidentally sprayed milk on the man sitting in front of her. She felt embarrassed, yes, but also proud of her abundance: “I mean, that was really something, to have shot that far and that high.

The authors of the book are great writers and their collections are quite informative. Any potential milking machine should read this book.

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